Buffet Takes a Big Step in Passing the Tourch - Todd Combs... Who?

Warren Buffet is in my opinion the best investor and most talented business man that was born in the last 100 or so years.

Today as I read the Wall Street Journal I learned that Warren Buffet named Todd Combs as a Successor of Berkshire Hathaway.

Who is Todd Combs

He is a finance guy that runs a hedge fund in Connecticut. This hedge fund by comparative measures is a microscopic 400 million dollar fund. He will now be crossing over into big money, billions and billions.

Well that 400 million dollar responsibility is about to turn into a 100 billion dollar responsibility. Buffet plans on putting him in charge of about 100 billion in assets.

From the best I can tell Buffet is going to take his time with Mr.Combs but a 100 billion is a 100 billion.

congratulations to Todd Combs and may his time with Berkshire Hathaway bee all that Buffet wants it to be.

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