Sex Sells - Republicans Reverting to What Works - Watch Out Palin - Nikki Haley is Turning Heads

 Republicans Sporting Old Fashioned Sex Appeal

Republicans and the rest of the political world are still not quite sure what they uncovered when they brought Sarah Palin to the presidential race. I say the republican party is really on to something here.

Sarah Palin is an icon to many and a blogger's wet dream.

How can you resist a gun stroking brunette in a red, white, and blue bikini?

She has stars and stripes in all the right places.

The idea of Sarah Palin having anything to do with the type of decision making, authority, or fiscal responsibility that comes with the oval office is scary.

But just the same, I think the republicans are on to something with this new trend of campaigning with a few good looking policy makers.

There are now two of these brunettes running loose amidst the political right.

Introducing Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley of North Carolina has won the support and backing of Sarah Palin and all her friends.

But I don't really care about the endorsement, I care about the ratings this new public figure may attract and what she may represent for politics as a whole. Perhaps this political publicity boost is what the American red needs.

Perhaps this is what the people need to start looking, to start caring, and to finally give a damn.

True, there may be some danger in just looking for a pretty face. Maybe sticking her in a skimpy outfit and placing her on a vanity fair cover for all the boys and girls to see is arguably inappropriate.

But hey, the Republicans are simply utilizing one of the basic principles of marketing. It is as solid and trustworthy of an advertising strategy as there will ever be..... sex sells.

I guess what we all have to ask ourselves is what the hell this new gal is all about?

Does she have a real agenda?

Can this one actually be a politician?

Will she shorten her life from stressing over what is wrong with this country?

Will she step in political harm's way to address issues that are going to make a difference like President Obama has as a democrat?

I hope so.

This country needs to put political hype to use towards getting the average 26-year-old blogger, construction worker, college freshmen, 16-year-old cheerleader, and those poor homeschooled kids that are just plain weird, to pay attention to politics.

What are we going to do as a country when all the voters die?

They are a dying breed.

We all need to pay attention and care about the issues that are country has to deal with. If not our country may diminish into the bunch of commission breathing, interest serving, numskulls that we truly are.

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  1. Oh my I am chuckling this was pretty funny and a bit disturbing but defently worth the visit.

    I will be very curious to see what happens down the road with the two of these female politicians. I have a hunch that Palin will find that she is a better fit for a right wing media personality or talk show host of some kind.

    Truthfully I have no idea about Nikki. I just have not followed her at all but your hope was correct in reference to these two inspiring at least some attention to politics.


    You better hope one of those home school kids dont get online and read this, lol

  2. Dying is spelled wrong, as well as definitely, in the comment above. Cheers to a Massachusetts education system.. Oh wait I went to the dreaded private sector and got a Catholic education. Thank God. I can string ten words together without spell checker.