Great Baseball Clip You May Have Never Seen

This is amazing. You have got to see it...

I found this video clip on

It is really somethig else I am really surprised I have not seen it before. This was quite a play.

I always feel for the catcher a little bit when I see stuff like this. Though I should say this is one of the coolest plays I have ever seen and it is not like someone will ever get the chance to see something like this happen again.

I think this is college but I am not sure.


  1. Seriuosly, That was awesome! Almost as smooth as the middle school kid who faked out his opponents and scored a touchdown last week. Did you see that one?

  2. No I have not seen the football one yet but that sounds cool I should search for it on

    thanks for checking it out.

  3. Hey you were right!

    That was a really cool football clip. Thanks for the recommendation!

    - Finance Guy