Google Conspiracy Video from

This is a neat little video that you can find on

It is actually pretty old coming out in 2007 or so. I am sure you can find out by going to the video page on YouTube.

Only 350,000 people or so have seen it so far which I find rather surprising because it was really well made and put together.

I am honestly not sure what the exact purpose of this movie is. It has a website. But the website does nothing but give away the movie and link to a free book on amazon. you also have the ability to contact the website owner but that is it.

The only thing I can really think of is that this thing is to promote the guy that made it, or it is to catch the attention of an investor who would be willing to "make a real movie" As it seems the theme and who knows how much else is already thought out.

I don't know. It is pretty cool to watch no matter how you interpret it.

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