Judge Judy Rules On America's Tube

Judge Judy Tops Ratings Charts

So I am glancing over scraps of a USA Today Newspaper and wouldn't you know it Judge Judy is glaring at me from the Life section with that judgmental scowl. Actually that is a bit of a fib. She was smiling and looked deceptively friendly.

Any how, I started to read this featured article out of respect for my Grandma who is over 90 and does not miss a episode. As I read on in a much similar fashion to how you are now doing I discovered that tomorrow my grandma will be one of the almost seven million viewers who tune into Judge Judy on a daily basis.

that is approximately 1 out of every 43 of us!

Not even Oprah can run those kind of numbers.

So this tells me little but does tell me something...

You can bet your bottom dollar that Judge Judy and her network are really pulling for that unemployment benefit extension.

(Ha - That's  funny)

Here Comes the Finance Guy Careless Speculation of Financial Figures

No but seriously, what is the rate for a 30 sec spot in between the Judge Judy court room judgments?

At a $10.00 per 1000 you are talking 7 million dollars. That must be way to high. Most likely it is closer to 10 bucks per 10,000. That sounds better but still high.

Maybe old JJ should start a Vlog or something on YouTube.com I bet she would make big bucks doing something like that.

Hell... I would watch. I know that my Grandma can't get enough of Judge Judy. She loves her.

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  1. kinda is... thanks for reading. I am going to pretend that you are Judy. Ha