Debt Help and Debt Solution

The Economy is in a bad place. This is the result of careless and irresponsible lending and borrowing.

The major banks and financial institutions are gasping for cash similar to a smoker gasping for air. This cancer like smokers fit is causing financial ruin. The worst part of this idea is that it may only be half way through.

At the pit of this massive mess of financial hardship are the American consumer and the American dream. Both exist with the risk of becoming a history lesson.

Both businesses and consumers, are being bled to death through fees and hiked interest rates and at the same time their borrowing limits and lines of credit are being strangled and terminated left and right.

Is There Debt Solution for Those in Need of Debt Help?

The economy, the consumer, the banking system, the small, large, new, and old businesses as well as almost every industry are all in desperate need of debt solution.

What are Debt Solutions?

Debt Solutions are as the term implies a solution or "fix" to a "broken" or problematic debt scenario, agreement, or situation. For instance say a credit card consumer has lost a job and thus financed three months of living expenses on that shiny old master card and now this poor consumer who still has no job and now no credit left, has no money to make credit card payments. This consumer has just developed a debt problem via Credit Card Debt for both himself as well as the lender. Also created here is a need for debt help. The Consumer may seek out a debt settlement service or some similar form of debt help as a means to obtaining a favorable debt solution. At the same time Master Card or the bank lending, the money may seek out the services of a debt collector.

There is some more that I would like to add about debt settlement, debt help, debt collections, creditors, and regulatory bodies such as the FTC.

Late summer of 2010 the FTC announced that they have created some new regulations and FTC debt settlement laws that will create some difficulty for existing debt settlement firms. They will no longer be able to collect upfront fee's and there are some other restrictions that they will have to take into account. The real damage is done through the campaign the media has taken against the debt settlement companies that are for-profit entities. There are some real wrong and manipulation being thrown at the American consumer who needs debt help. That link will go to a more recent post on this finance blog that goes into more detail. I encourage all to take a look.

Debt Solutions will play a big part in the economic recovery effort.

Basic Forms of Debt Solution
  • Debt Settlement
  • Debt Management
  • Debt Relief
  • Bankruptcy
  • Debt Collection
  • Debt Mitigation
  • Debt Resolution 
  • Loss Mitigation

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