Bank of America Posts a Loss for the Quarter

The North Carolina based lender Bank of America posted a billion dollar loss for the last earnings quarter. This perhaps may not sound surprising to many but if you consider that Citi posted a profit and Goldman Sachs was confused when someone mentioned something about a recession...ha.

But seriously Goldman Sachs is right back on top posting some real impressive numbers.

Here is the thing that really gets me... Lewis retiring? Just doesn't add up to me. I know the guy... he has never considered not working, he was made for this stuff. I mean the guy came into the Bank at a entry level job and works his way up to the top and next thing you know half of all American Homeowners have a bank account with Bank of America, literally.

Now I have zero proof or even a perspective motive of deceit but I really think things got messed up over there on the top floor amongst all that beautiful furniture that he got in all that trouble for buying.

Something has to be up.

Or perhaps he is really just in risk management mode because he can smell the anger coming from the American people and he knows that even if he turned out be Santa in disguise he is still a public target. A scape goat of the highest pedigree. Lord knows the government wouldn't take a lick of blame for any reckless or neglectful actions that may have adversely effected the American economy or anything near main street even if they had some sort of driving force in the matter.

who knows... But I will say this, he is not just wanting to call it quits. He may be in trouble or he may just want to say "see I told ya, you shouldn't have given me any crap" (not a real quote). Because I know one thing for absolute truth... No one can handle that job to anywhere close to the level of Lewis.

No One.


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